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Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by and take an interest in my work! Photography is one of my biggest passions in life - I've always had an acute attention to the little details in life but especially in my photographs. When I was a child my father was constantly capturing moments through the lens of his, now-vintage, Canon film camera, which sparked my interest in the craft. I was obsessed with Polaroids as a child and my hands were glued to my point-and-shoot camera from about 10 years old. Though I've refined my techniques and attention to detail, and updated my equipment over the years, my passion to make a career out of something I truly love, has never wavered.

I am completely self taught, and my passion is to tell a story through every frame and capture the emotion and beauty of each subject, in the moment. I am continually striving to push myself creatively, and consistently refining my craft. My goal for every couple and individual that I shoot is to be able to look back at their photos and remember exactly how they felt in that moment. I truly enjoy getting to know my subject before a camera is even introduced into the equation - as it is my priority to make you feel comfortable and at ease in front of my camera and myself.

• I am based in Upstate, New York and willing to travel.

• I have an adorable 3 year old partner in crime, in the form of a black terrier mix pup, Rooney.

• In my free time, I enjoy hiking, road trips, and lazy days marathoning Netflix series.

• I change my hair just about every month, don't be surprised if I look nothing like this photo when we meet.

• I'm a huge film & movie award show fanatic, get me talking about movies and I can't stop.

If you have any more questions or just fancy a chat, feel free to email me at or click on the CONTACT tab in the navigation to the left.